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Roofing & Gutters

3 Brothers Exteriors provides the highest quality roofing work. Whether you need a brand new roof on a new construction, a roof overlay, or a complete tear-off and roof replacement, our family's company is the go-to company, without a doubt! It is important that you, as a homeowner, hire the proper roofing contractor, because if you go for the cheapest price, or the cheapest materials, in the long run, you WILL pay for it. We at 3 Brothers strive to complete all of our roofing and gutter projects in a timely manner, all while utilizing the very best workmanship. We always work clean, and make sure to use the most eco-friendly materials that we can, with no cutting corners and no shortcuts. From flat roofs to metal roofs to shingle roofs and rubber roofs, 3 Brothers does 'em all!

There is no roofing project we cannot undertake, and complete to your utmost satisfaction. There are various roofs to choose from, and our family is expertly trained in helping you decide which type of roof is the most optimal for your home, in terms of keeping the elements out, insulation, energy saving, etc. We always make sure to check your gutters with every roof project, and if there is something that seems out of place or in need of correction, rest assured you will be informed, and our expert techs will do whatever is needed to provide as little of a hassle to you as possible. Quite simply: we get things done, and we get things done right!


  • House with metal roof

    A home with a fresh, bold, metal roof

  • House with traditional shingles

    A traditional shingled roof

  • House with a cedar roof

    A very elegant cedar roof

  • Garage with a flat roof

    Here we just finished installing a new rubber roof for this building

  • House with a rubber roof

    A simple flat roof on top of a garage

  • House with an asphalt shingle roof

    A view of an asphalt shingle roof from the ground

  • House with a rubber slate roof

    Though rubber slate roofs are not that common, they hold appeal for some

Shingle Roofs

Picture of a shingle roof

Shingle roofing is the most traditional type of roofing. Most new homes that are built are built with shingle roofs. The reason is simple - shingle roofs hold up against all the weather ailments, and they last! Different shingles carry different warranties, and like with everything, there is cheap shingles and there are high quality shingles. There are different options in terms of color, design, etc, and it is vital that you know what type of shingles are going on top of your house, because the last thing you want is cheap materials, allowing water to leak through the roof and into your home, causing mold to grow...

Metal Roofs

Picture of a metal roof

While metal roofing carries a higher price tag than its counterparts, the benefits could be endless! Money will most definitely be saved in the long run. Metal roofs not only last a lifetime (whereas others need to be re-done after X amount of years), it will also increase value of your home. And no, just because you have a metal roof, does not mean you are more susceptible to lightning strikes. The varieties of these types of roofs are also abundant, and in certain areas, you may actually save on your homeowners insurance if you have a metal roof installed!

Cedar Roofs

Picture of a cedar roof

Cedar roofs are pretty cool. They give the home that log cabin look, and to some, it is beautiful! There are different kinds of cedar roofs: handsplit shakes [longer shingles which offer a more rustic look], tapersawn shakes [a bit more thicker of a shingle enhancing a smooth style], and regular old cedar shingles [ema more flatter, uniform looking shingle]! Speak with us about the varying cedar roofing, and you might just find yourself wanting to stand out from the rest of the neighborhood, and get yourself a nice, eye-popping cedar roof!

Rubber Roofs

Picture of a rubber roof

Rubber roofs are exactly what they sound like - roofs made of rubber! These types of roofs typically go over garages, or industrial type buildings, as a private residence with a rubber roof might not look "right." Rubber roofs are good for weatherproofing. Rubber roofs do come in a variety of colors and designs, so it's not just a plain black roof, but quite possibly the best quality of rubber roofing is that most roofing rolls are made of recycled tires, sawdust, and slate dust. Why do you care about this? Because it's very eco-friendly

Flat Roofs

Picture of a flat roof

Flat roofs are as simple as it gets. Usually resembling rubber roofs, flat roofs are, well... flat. Typically homes are not found with flat roofs, but sometimes garages and / or additions have areas where a flat roof is required. Flat roofs are often a more cost efficient solution, as it is a pretty simple and straight forward installation process.


Picture of gutters with a gutter guard

Functioning gutters are uber important for keeping water out of your home. When gutters get old, they start to deteriorate and hang off the sides of your house, and sometimes they fall down to the ground. Besides being an obvious safety hazard, it brings bad news to your home, as now water has an easier way to make its way in. Gutters must be upkept in order to let water circulate through them and get pushed away from your home. Clogged gutters cause the same problem as broken gutters. We make sure your gutters are clean, and stay clean!