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Windows & Doors

If you're looking for a way to improve your home, then one of the first things you should consider is having a window and door makeover. Besides maintaining proper insulation and keeping your utility costs down, shiny new windows and elegant doors can really add to the curb appeal of your home!

New windows can definitely add a breath of fresh air to your home, and new doors can definitely make your house stand out. Did we mention the abundance of energy efficiency? Good! A project of this caliber definitely adds significant value to your home, on top of making it look schnazzy.

At 3 Brothers, we offer a wide range of affordable, quality windows and doors of your choice. The possibilities are almost endless, and customization knows no bounds! If you want something, chances are, we can give it to you. Over the past 5 decades, there isn't a window or door that we haven't seen, so you can rest easy in knowing that whatever you choose, top craftsmanship and know-how will go into getting it a part of your house!


  • Installed casement window

    A typical casement window, professionally installed!

  • House with large sliding window

    Sliding windows can add ease of getting fresh air in your house.

  • Practical and beautiful bay window

    Bay windows are very beautiful, as well as practical, adding extra space to sit, relax, and read a good book during those rainy days!

  • An egress window

    Egress windows are paramount as having an emergency exit from your home, typically in basements...

  • A nice entry door

    A simple entry door...

  • An elegant door entrance

    Very nice and elegant, custom designed entry double-doors.

  • Bilco storm door entry

    Bilco storm door / entry door.

Casement Windows

Picture of a standard casement window

Casement windows are the basic windows that most homes come installed with upon building. They are windows that are attached to their frame via one or more hinges. They can come in single-windows, or in pairs. There are different types of casement windows, raning in size, quality, and of course, price. Though basic, casement windows should not be neglected in terms of quality, because all that will happen is, you will likely be replacing them more often than necessary. Don't skimp - get good quality!

Sliding Windows

Picture of a sliding window

Sliding windows can offer a more contemporary look than other windows. If your home is more modern, sliding windows will generally extend that look, and look great doing it! These types of windows are extremely easy to use (let's face it, sliding is easier than pushing / pulling), and can offer energy-saving benefits to your home. Sliding windows are easy to clean, from both outside and inside, and will offer many years of practicality, as well as aesthetics.

Bay Windows

Picture of a bay window

Bay windows are one of our favorites, for sure! There are so many different custom designed bay windows out there, that choosing just one might prove a daunting task in and of itself. Bay windows really beautify the room, and offer seating / laying down, whenever you want to just kick back, and do some homework, read a book, surf the web, etc. On a rainy day, bay windows are really cool just to lounge on, and watch the raindrops slide down your gorgeous and space-adding window...

Egress Windows

Picture of an egress window

In certain areas, egress windows are required by code! Egress windows are basically an emergency exit. These types of windows are generally installed in basements, and offer a much needed escape to the outside, in case of emergency. They are fairly large (so that people can easily fit through them), and are definitely a good idea, especially if you have additional living space in your basement!

Entry Doors

Picture of an entry door

When someone walks up to your house, they can either knock on a standard, run-of-the-mill entry door, or they can think "wow! Now THAT'S a door!!" Entry doors can add value to a house, and there are so many different options as far as design, color, material, etc., that it just makes picking them out a very fun process!

Custom Doors

Picture of a door

You are not limited in terms of what you can find at the store. Just like there are custom windows, there are custom doors too. You can have a special door pre-made and designed in any way you want - mind you, this will run up the cost - and your house can be the one on the block that has "that door," and has people swooning just at the very awesome site of it...